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    Are you a Solopreneur just starting out who is unsure of what marketing strategies you should use?

    Are you a small business owner who is marketing but really struggling with complicated systems?

    Are you an entrepreneur who has spent a fortune on high priced marketing systems and not getting results?

    Are you interested in seeing more results from your marketing? Keep Scrolling!

  • About Savana Rose

    Creator of The Magic Marketing Triangle and Owner of Authenticity Marketing

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    Savana Rose Woods, founded Authenticity Marketing in 2017 after working in Digital Marketing for over 20 years in many capacities. She has years of experience driving business and revenue growth through the development and execution of clever strategic campaigns specifically for small businesses and solopreneurs.


    The creation of The Magic Marketing Triangle came from Savana's expertise in email marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, blogging and collaborating on innovative social media campaigns with her staff. She began to see a pattern that when those top marketing strategies were integrated and working together, not only did it make things easier by creating a system, but it increased sales and brand awareness. Savana then refined the system and turned The Magic Marketing Triangle Method into a information packed course to teach anyone how to use this system!


    The company has since served dozens of marketing clients in various kinds of businesses from Acupuncture Clinics and Health & Wellness Providers to Off Road Racing & the Boy Scouts. Savana has also single-handedly built over 200 beautiful websites for happy clients.


    Savana is from California, but is currently working remotely as a Digital Nomad in the island country of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea. When she’s not working with clients, she loves swimming, dancing and enjoying dining and wine tasting.



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  • The 3 sides of the Magic Marketing Triangle

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    What is a blog? It’s virtually any kind of content that is meant to inform, advise or entertain your website visitors AND it’s the foundation of the Magic Marketing Triangle method. Blogs can be standalone or integrated into your website.


    The MMT Course includes:

    • The 4 main reasons why having an active blog is so important
    • Why it is the foundation of the Magic Marketing Triangle
    • Why you shouldn't be afraid of blogging
    • What elements you can put in your blog
    • Why blogging improves your SEO (search engine optimization)
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    Email Marketing 

    No, email marketing is NOT dead! Just because social media seems to rule the day, it’s only one type of marketing that is great but fleeting. You see a post and then it’s gone, lost in the scroll down.


    Email marketing is alive and well and continues to be a key part of successful businesses marketing strategy.


    The MMT Course includes:

    • Statistics that show just how powerful email marketing is.
    • You'll find out how to write killer subject lines
    • How to get more opens
    • How to build your list with Opt-ins
    • Why it is the best marketing tactic of all 
    • How to get a connection with your subscribers forever!
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    Social Media

    Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales, inform and drive website traffic.


    The MMT Course includes tips about these social media benefits:

    • Branding and Influencing
    • You're the Expert
    • Be Real                              
    • Encourage Engagement
    • Video is Gold!
    • How to Get Known
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  • What is Included in the Course?

    • What is The Magic Marketing Triangle Method

    • The 3 digital marketing methods that work together to simplify marketing

    • Why Blogging is so important and easier than you think

    • Why Email Marketing is still alive and kicking creating long term sales benefits

    • How to Write Email Newsletters that get Opened using Power Words

    • How to build an email list with tried & true Opt-in tactics

    • What is a Lead Magnet and how to create effective ones to build your list

    • Choosing the right social media platform(s) for your business

    • How the Magic Marketing Triangle works to grow your business painlessly

    • 3 reasons why your website is your most important asset

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    Answer: Use a text section to describe your values, show more info, summarize a topic, or tell a story. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore.

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